Technical Information

Below are documents providing information about building with ICE Panels.

If you’d like more information not shown here, or have questions about ICE Panels, reach out to us by calling 204-726-1426 or emailing

The quick reference guide is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with the ICE Panel.

The assembly manual thoroughly explains the ICE Panel assembly process with the use of visuals and text.

The ICE Panel Accessory Catalogue covers each accessory that can be used in an ICE Panel assembly.

This is a sample collection of our standard connection details, covering the most common connection details used in every GSBP project.  

View our public QAI listing by clicking the link above. Once on the QAI website, click “Download Listing Doc” to view the Canadian QAI listing, or click “Download Code Report” to view the American QAI listing.

Browse this catalogue of our featured ICE Panel projects to gain inspiration for your next energy efficient construction project.

These design parameters are required for streamlining Greestone’s Design and Production Process. 


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