Client Experience


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This is the initial process that takes place prior to a client’s commitment to use ICE Panels for their project.

The best way to get started with Greenstone is to give us a call or send us an email to start a preliminary conversation about working with ICE Panels. We’ll answer any questions you might have about the product or the process, and what you can expect while building with ICE Panels.

From here, the only thing needed to get you a project estimate is a set of architectural drawings that includes dimensions, wall heights, cross sections, elevations, and rough openings. Once we’ve received this, your project will enter the estimating queue.

Our estimating team will produce a comprehensive project estimate and send it to you for review. Your Greenstone rep will connect with you to discuss the estimate and answer any questions you may have.

At this point we wait for you to make the final decision. We understand that building with ICE Panels is different than building with traditional methods, so we’re here to help and guide you towards making the right decision for your project.


Once the client has decided to build with ICE Panels, further information is required to move forward.

Once our sales team has received your signed ICE Panel quote, our Project & Logistics Coordinator will send you a deposit invoice to officially book your project. At this point, all project-specific design criteria is required.

It’s important that we receive this information in a timely fashion as our drafting team can’t start panelizing your project without the proper documentation. This includes:

  • A Building Permit – Please let us know if you have obtained your building permit, or if you require sealed shop drawings to apply for one.
  • IFC Drawings – Please provide us with a set of finalized construction drawings for us to start your preliminary plans.
  • Request for Supplier Information – Such as shop drawings for floor layout and roof layout.
  • Rough Openings – preferably a window and door schedule from your supplier that distinctly outlines the RO dimensions.
  • Any additional information specific to your project – such as sizing and supplier drawings for beams or timbers.

Once we have all the design information and we’ve received your deposit, your project will enter the queue for the next available Drafting Project Manager. They will be your main point of contact going forward and will communicate with you regarding your project’s lead time.


First-time ICE Panel building officials may require further information to approve the use of ICE Panels.

Now that we’ve confirmed your ICE Panel project’s lead time, we can begin the permitting stage of the process.

First-time ICE Panel building officials may require further information to approve the use of ICE Panels in their district.

Greenstone provides engineer sealed documentation for the building official. This can include a letter of intent, layout drawings, shop drawings, project specific connection details, and the completion letter. These are provided to help support the building official to streamline the process.

Included with each ICE Panel project, Greenstone provides install training to new ICE Panel builders, on-going technical support, a QAI listing, and engineering evaluations to the customer.


This is the initial process that takes place prior to a client’s commitment to use ICE Panels for their project.

Welcome to the Design phase of the Client Experience.

At this stage, your drafting project manager has completed your project’s ICE Panel design drawings and has forwarded them to you via email. Thoroughly review your drawings to ensure all your design criteria has been met.

Your drafting project manager will work with you to make any changes or additions to finalize the project drawings.

This is a key stage of the process as this is the last point of contact before your project goes into production. If there are any changes, concerns, or questions to bring up regarding your ICE Panel drawings now is the time to do it.

Clear communication is key to any project, so when necessary, your Greenstone team will need to connect with your Builder, Engineer of record, and supplier contacts for things like windows and doors, trusses and floor beams, and so on.

Once we receive final confirmation of the design drawings, the project is sent to production.


Once the client has signed off on the design drawings, the next step will be to schedule the ICE Panel delivery.

Once you have signed off on your ICE Panel design drawings, your project enters the production queue. With the project now in line to be produced, we will work with you to plan and schedule your ICE Panel delivery.

Our Project & Logistics Coordinator will be in touch with a confirmed completion date, and will work with you to arrange for the ICE Panels to either be shipped to site or picked up at our plant in Brandon, Manitoba.

If you have opted for your panels to be delivered to site, ensure that your on-site team is available to unload the panels. Plan to have an accessible area where you can unload the ICE Panels, and they can be safely stored before installation takes place.


Once the project arrives on site, Greenstone works with the client to ensure the installation is a success.

Installation – the final phase of your ICE Panel project.

Once the ICE Panels arrive on site, we work with you to ensure a successful installation. If you are new to ICE Panel installation, our technical customer service rep will connect with you to schedule your virtual install training session. This usually happens over a Microsoft Teams video call, where our technical rep will review your connection details with you, go over the installation steps, and answer any questions you may have. In-person training can be provided as well at an additional charge.

ICE Panel installations require review and approval before the panels can be backfilled or drywalled.

To review the ICE Panel installation and provide written installation confirmation, installation photos must be provided to Greenstone for review. An on-site inspection by an authorized Greenstone representative may also be required. The completed installation photos will be reviewed by Greenstone and a confirmation letter will be provided to you for the project’s Structural Engineer of Record. An engineering letter cannot be provided without installation review by Greenstone, so before you cover your panels, be sure to follow the installation review process.

Once you have received engineering approval, your ICE Panel assembly is complete and your project is ready for completion.