Project Applications


ICE Panels have been used in numerous commercial construction across the country, such as retail spaces, shopping destinations, and breweries.


ICE Panels are a good fit for multi-unit buildings. In buildings of that size, the envelope is vital to maintaining a high efficiency value across every unit.


ICE Panels allow for significantly reduced energy consumption for the homeowner and are most commonly used in residential projects.


ICE Panels can be used in above-grade external wall applications and have been used in buildings up to 4-storeys tall.


ICE Panels can be used for below-grade applications with burial depths up to 6 feet. More than 6 feet deep can be achieved with an engineer’s approval.


ICE Panels can be used for roof applications. They can be installed on roof trusses horizontally or vertically depending on design specifications and can span a maximum length of 10′ between structural elements.


ICE Panels can be used for floor system applications. Subfloor is placed on top of our 5.5″ ICE Panels and the result is a floor equally as warm and comfortable as one with in-floor heating, without the added cost.