Greenstone Manufactures the ICE Panel

Greenstone Manufactures the
ICE Panel

Greenstone Building Products manufactures Insulated Composite Envelope (ICE) Panels for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Why Ice Panels?

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Enhanced well-being

Safe, healthy, affordable. Support overall health and well-being by choosing an airtight, non-toxic building product.

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Financial Freedom

With initial cost savings ranging from 5-10%, give your project a competitive financial edge right from the start.

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Sustainable Living

Healthy buildings support a healthy planet. Make a difference and start now. Build it with Greenstone.

Accelerate Completion Logo

Accelerated Completion

Complete projects faster with simplified prefabricated construction that allows you to work smarter, not harder.

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Engineered Quality

ICE Panels are manufactured for precision and consistency, making for easy and accurate construction.

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Peace of Mind

Energy efficient composite building materials providing you with a worry-free guarantee.

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With Us

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On The Blog

Winter Construction with ICE Panels

Winter Construction with ICE Panels

One of the main components of ICE Panels is Expanded Polystyrene – also known as EPS. It arrives at our manufacturing plant as raw resin beads and is expanded in our plant using steam…

Let’s Get Technical

If you would like to receive a digital version of the Greenstone Design Guide including test data, project profiles, and other technical information, please fill out the following form and we will send you a package.

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