What is a Building Envelope?

April 23, 2021

Have you ever moved into a new home only to find that it is drafty and cold no matter how high you turn up the heat? This is due to an inefficient building envelope. A building envelope is the combination of all the components of the structural shell. It creates a dry, climate-controlled, indoor environment protecting the occupants from the exterior elements.

It is important to have a building envelope that is airtight and energy efficient because not only will that save you money in heating and cooling costs, it will also provide a much more comfortable space to live in.

For a building envelope to be effective, it should be airtight – meaning that air cannot flow in or out of the structure. A home that has air exchanging through the building envelope creates inconsistent temperatures in the home and can make the space feel uncomfortable and drafty. By ensuring that the building envelope is airtight, you will create a more consistent temperature throughout the building, making it feel comfy and cozy.

“A building envelope typically is the separation from the indoor to outdoor environment. It addresses thermal properties, vapour properties, airtightness, water-tightness and many times is also structural in its capacity.”

Another benefit to an airtight building envelope is that it will be energy efficient. This means that the amount of energy needed to maintain the indoor environment is drastically reduced. Because you don’t have air escaping through the envelope, your mechanical system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain it’s indoor environment – meaning it uses less energy, and you spend less money. Investing in an energy efficient building envelope means also investing in your financial health.

Building with ICE Panels ensures your building envelope will be airtight and energy efficient. The ICE Panel features a steel stud frame on both sides of the panel with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. The steel frames are not connected, creating a thermal break in the panel. This means that thermal energy cannot pass from the exterior to interior environment which creates consistent indoor temperatures and ensures that your mechanical system doesn’t have to work overtime.

ICE Panels are also manufactured with inorganic materials. This means neither component of the panel – the galvanized steel studs or the EPS core – will ever breakdown, potentially causing mould or rot.

ICE Panels also create a structurally strong building envelope in various weather situations. Be it extreme cold or heat, wind or rain, a structure built with ICE Panels will provide a solid envelope to protect against mother nature.

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