Top 5 Reasons to Build with ICE Panels

April 12, 2021

Ever wonder why you should make the switch from the traditional building envelope to the Greenstone ICE Panel system? Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. ICE Panels are light weight. This saves you money on shipping and make maneuvering around the site less labour intensive. Light weight building panels also result in having fewer workers needed at the job site, and the build will go up in a much more efficient manner.

2. ICE Panels create an airtight seal. With just the panels, sealant, and approved tape, you can achieve an airtight building envelope. The panels have no thermal bridging, meaning zero thermal energy will enter/escape the building envelope, making the building highly energy efficient. This also creates a very warm, dry, and comfortable living or work space.

3. ICE Panels provide healthy air quality. With little to no off gassing and an airtight seal, building with ICE Panels allows for top-tier air quality. With the building envelope being airtight, this creates a huge decrease in allergens and pollutants, not only resulting in better air quality, but creating an environment for better sleep quality as well!

4. Building with ICE Panels creates less on-site waste. With the panels being custom manufactured to your building specifications, this will eliminate most of the on-site waste. From timber off-cuts to fiber insulation waste, your site will remain much cleaner. A clean job-site will also reflect nicely on your company, portraying a clean, organized, and environmentally conscience business, which could boost potential leads.

5. ICE Panels are easy to build with. With a fairly minimal learning curve, once trained, you’ll be on your way to a complete building envelope in no time! This will benefit not only you as the builder (allowing for more projects), but the customer as well, as they will be able to move into their finished home or commercial space in record time.

These are just the top 5 advantages to choosing ICE Panels. There are so many reasons to choose ICE Panels for your next build. Check out this video for a few more!

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