Winter Construction with ICE Panels

September 19, 2023

Builders and developers can significantly benefit from choosing ICE Panels for winter construction. Building with ICE Panels provides numerous advantages, making them an exceptional choice for any winter project.

Building with ICE Panels streamlines the construction process by combining the framing, insulation, and vapour barrier steps. This accelerates construction timelines, resulting in faster close-in times during the cold weather and a faster exit from the cold job site for your crew.

In addition to reducing the time crew members have to spend in cold weather, the ICE Panel envelope offers early protection to the interior of buildings from the elements due to the faster completion times. This results in greater control over the environment and has a positive impact on quality control. Furthermore, working through the winter season with an ICE Panel envelope greatly reduces the risk of vulnerable materials being damaged due to freezing temperatures.

Builders have reported that only a small construction heater is needed to maintain warmth inside a building, resulting in lower on-site utility expenses. For example, a large commercial project in Arviat, Nunavut was able to stay warm during frigid Arctic temperatures using just one temporary site heater. The heater effectively heated a 27,000 sqft building, highlighting one of the major advantages of constructing with ICE Panels – minimal energy is required to keep a space warm.

Don’t let winter slow you down; learn more about ICE Panel winter construction by contacting our customer service team at 204-726-1426 or feel free to send us a direct message.

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