Remote Construction Made Easier with ICE Panels

January 18, 2021

When building in remote locations, site access can be difficult. In some cases, building materials need to be airlifted into locations. This can pose difficult and costly challenges. Using building materials that are lightweight and rigid can make this process a lot simpler.

The Greenstone ICE Panels are a lightweight, composite building product that combine a steel frame and compressed EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation into one rigid panelized assembly. This makes it easy and cost effective to airlift into remote sites. ICE Panels weigh approximately 1/3 the weight of a traditional wood framed assembly.

ICE Panels have broad design flexibility which allows for more elaborate buildings in remote locations where booms and lifts aren’t available. The panels are light enough that manual labour with proper scaffolding can erect most kinds of structures. The application in remote buildings such as cabins and lodges has expanded with this kind of technology.

Finding a suitable power supply is a challenge in remote construction as well. With no available utility services to connect to, heat often comes from a wood stove, a fuel source, a power generator, solar panels or a combination of these. ICE Panel construction reduces the heating and cooling load by up to 70% which means that you will need less energy to operate your building. Passive solar panels become a viable alternative and conserves resources like wood or fossil fuels.

If you are planning a remote project, consider building with ICE Panels. They offer the lowest cost of construction, operation and a longer life cycle of any building system on the market today! Contact our sales team via email at

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