Peace of Mind with ICE Panels: Providing a Worry-Free Guarantee.

November 21, 2022

Building a new custom home or commercial building is a big undertaking with multiple steps that often last months or years. Choosing a building product that streamlines the process is a huge win and investing in a prefabricated product makes all the difference. Build with ICE Panels and enjoy the simplified process, the quality customer service, the affordable utility costs, just to name a few.

Unwavering Project Support – Complications happen. It’s how quickly and efficiently they are dealt with that makes all the difference. Greenstone Building Products has technical support available to assist you with any obstacles that may arise. Problem-solving is our specialty and using a collaborative approach to any issue that may arise is our solution. Our goal is to help you keep your project on schedule, and to ensure your ICE Panel experience is worry-free.

Engineered Sign-Off – Greenstone Building Products provides engineering services for the ICE Panel portion of your project. This includes a final installation review and project sign-off confirming that the ICE Panels were assembled and installed correctly and in accordance with the engineer’s specifications.

More Square Feet – Using ICE Panels to construct an energy efficient building allows you to achieve higher thermal performance with a thinner wall. This means that for the same footprint, you end up with additional occupiable square footage. It adds up quickly. More space equals higher revenues, and higher resale value.

Appearance – ICE Panels offer design flexibility similar to traditional construction, allowing for buildings to be modern or classic in appearance without compromising energy efficiency. Curb appeal makes buildings more attractive to renters as well.

Supportive Collaboration – We are always available to schedule technical calls and design collaboration discussions to ensure that the other building component suppliers have a clear understanding of how their components will fit and fasten to the ICE Panels.

High Airtightness Scores – ICE Panels contribute to an extremely airtight building envelope. They are manufactured using a closed-cell insulation called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The EPS provides an air barrier with very low moisture vapour penetrability. When the panel joints are sealed, it becomes very difficult for air to move through the wall assembly. This creates a highly airtight building, resulting in a comfortable living environment with low energy usage.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of building with ICE Panels, connect with us by calling 204-726-1426 or email

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