Partner Spotlight: Building High-Quality Homes with High-Performing Products

November 22, 2021

Vleeming Custom Homes is a construction company based out of Lacombe, Alberta and has been an active supporter of Greenstone Building Products for many years now. The business started when owner, Carlo Vleeming, discovered he had a passion for construction at the young age of 14 and has seen years of success ever since.

The Vleeming team aims to create meticulously tailored estate homes to fit the lifestyle of their homeowners using innovative material and methods. Vleeming ensures that each and every client receives the best customer service. From the initial consultation, through the design process, and finally, to project completion — Vleeming Custom Homes customer service is second to none.

President and Project Manager, Carlo Vleeming, knows that when it comes to building a forever home, people are looking for high-performing building materials for their homes that will result in a multi-generational lifespans. When Carlo discovered the ICE Panel a few years ago, he jumped on a plane and flew to Manitoba to have a look at the capabilities it can offer. Fast forward 3 years, and Vleeming Custom Homes has built multiple ICE Panel estates. By partnering with Greenstone Building Products, Carlo and his team are able to set his company apart from other builders in the area.

“When it comes to the sustainability of a wall assembly, using EPS is great. It doesn’t rot, it doesn’t fall apart, it’s simply going to be there forever. And that’s a great thing to have in a wall.” – Carlo Vleeming, President & Project Manager at Vleeming Custom Homes.

Building with ICE Panels has given the team at Vleeming Custom Homes an opportunity to build energy efficient homes not just for today, but for the future.

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