ICE Panels: The Most Economical Choice

April 10, 2020

Are ICE Panels the most economical choice for your project? Here are some points to consider.

  1. 3D MODELING: 3D modelling ensures that all the pieces of your project will fit together on site when produced according to the drawings. The result is projects that come together like a numbered puzzle. Every piece fits perfectly and expensive mistakes and delays can be avoided.
  2. COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION: Light gauge steel framing and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) are moulded together in a unique bonding process; A composite that produces a lighter and stronger building.
  3. COMBINED STEPS: Insulation, vapor barrier and exterior framing are completed in a single process. Insulated notches for floors and beams removes the need for a rim joist and insulating and vapor proofing the floor cavity. This is all completed when the ICE Panels are erected removing multiple days of labour from site.
  4. FASTER MOVE-IN: Quicker construction means less time financing a project and fewer rental payments in your current location. As a General Contractor, it means you get paid quicker and move on to the next project sooner.
  5. LESS WASTE: ICE Panels are manufactured with zero factory waste. Product shipped to site is 95% pre-cut so almost zero waste on site from your ICE Panel package is possible. Remains can be returned to Greenstone for recycling. This will mean you’re not paying someone to clean up all day and lower disposal costs during your construction.
  6. MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT: ICE Panels reduce space heating and cooling requirements by as much as 70%. This means a much smaller furnace and air conditioner are needed than in conventional construction. Some customers have saved more than $10,000 in mechanical costs due to removing a second furnace.
  7. UTILITY COSTS: No thermal bridging, high effective R-values and air-tight connections means you can have significantly lower energy bills. One customer with 2,700 square feet, has an equal payment heating bill of $35.00/month.
  8. FUTURE VALUE: Building codes are rapidly changing to embrace a global movement towards Net-Zero buildings, with 2032 the target for all construction to meet this standard. New codes are being enforced across the country starting in 2020 with 4 tiers written to allow for increased performance requirements. Building to Net-Zero ready standards means your building will be current 10 years down the road versus requiring significant upgrades which could cost tens of thousands at that time.

While it may be difficult to compare costs with traditional materials up front, when added all up, Greenstone offers the highest performance building with the lowest overall cost available on the market today. This makes Greenstone the most economical building of choice for your future.

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