How ICE Panels Provide Enhanced Well-Being

May 16, 2022

We don’t realize we care about comfort until we’re uncomfortable. ICE Panels provide a structurally sound, air-tight building envelope that provides comfortable, healthy, and efficient living spaces. In this blog we’ll discuss a few key points as to how ICE Panels are able to achieve this.

Safety: When it comes to owning a home, safety is a top priority. ICE Panels are engineered and tested to perform based on strict code requirements and safety considerations and have been proven to be a very safe and effective solution. An innovative product such as the ICE Panel can be tested thoroughly, but real world testing is what people want to see. In 2019 an ICE Panel project held it’s own against the fierce winds and rain of Hurricane Dorian, measured to be a category 5 hurricane in areas. This proves the structural strength and resilience of the ICE Panel.

Comfort & Health: Nobody enjoys living in a drafty house. ICE Panels create an airtight building envelope, which means the cold air will stay out and the warm air will stay in, creating a comfortable and consistent temperature. ICE Panels are produced using materials that do not contribute to or support mould and/or mildew growth, and they don’t break down over time. This means that what’s inside your walls will not contribute to toxic indoor air quality.

Better Sleep & Less Stress: Poor temperature control is often the reason why someone might not sleep well at night. With the airtightness provided by a properly completed ICE Panel assembly, a homeowner will experience better sleep and therefore, reduced stress levels. This is thanks to being able to efficiently control the temperature and humidity in the building.

Cleaner Walls: Mould in walls is a common problem, however with ICE Panels it won’t be. ICE Panels are made with steel framing and open cell insulation called expanded polystyrene (EPS). Neither of these two materials will rot or decay and neither will support mould growth in high moisture environments. EPS has the natural ability to wick out any moisture that condensates inside of it, making it an insulation that can dry itself when wet. With the inside of your walls staying clean, you’ll have a longer lasting and healthier indoor environment.

Safety, comfort, health, sleep, stress, and cleanliness are all factors that can affect a persons well-being. All of these potential issues are proactively solved when living in a home built with ICE Panels.

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