Efficiency MB Rebates Strengthen ICE Panel Return on Investment

June 17, 2020

Until recently, there wasn’t much incentive for multi-family developers to consider building to higher performance standards. Efficiency Manitoba is set to make history with the rebates it is offering to developers, making it very difficult to ignore products like Greenstone ICE Panels.

An organization devoted to energy conservation, Efficiency Manitoba has recently released a new program that benefits eco-friendly home owners, and also building developers who build, or are planning to build energy efficient multi-family projects. By incorporating energy efficient upgrades into your home or project, you could receive up to $12,000 per unit in rebates from Efficiency Manitoba.

A multi-family developer in Brandon, Manitoba was recently made aware of this incentive program while in the process of constructing 42 multi-family units. Keller Developments is set to qualify for a rebate of $2,200 per unit through the Efficiency Manitoba New Homes Program. These units were built largely with conventional construction methods with the only difference being a Greenstone ICE Panel building envelope (exterior wall assembly).

ICE Panels contribute significantly in reducing space heating costs which is the largest energy consumer in a typical building.

Greenstone can support your energy efficient build in a few different ways:

  • Greenstone manufactures the R Panel, a cost-effective solution to boost your effective R-value for attic and foundation insulation.
  • Greenstone offers ICE Panels for cathedral roof and ceiling applications, improving on traditional roof performance by more than 30%.
  • ICE Panel foundation and above grade walls offer up to effective R-38.

By utilizing Greenstone’s ICE Panel building envelope for the exterior walls on their buildings, Keller Developments was able to achieve an efficiency score 26% greater than typical new construction on their builds.

These rebates make Greenstone ICE Panels nearly impossible to ignore for all multi-family projects moving forward in the province.

While Manitoba is leading the way provincially with incentives, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) also has an incentive program for rate reductions on new construction. This rebate program is offered Canada-wide.

To learn more about the New Homes Program from Efficiency Manitoba and how to apply, click here.

If you are an investor, developer, builder or designer looking to capitalize on the largest return on investment available today, reach out to our sales team to learn how we can offer you the most value for your dollar.

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