Sustainable Living

Healthy buildings support a healthy planet. Build it with Greenstone.


A carbon-neutral future requires advancement in technology. By focusing on the performance of our buildings, we can make an impact on overall energy consumption. The ICE Panel is a building envelope technology that bridges the gap between sustainability and economics.

ZERO WASTE FACILITY: ICE Panels are manufactured in a zerowaste facility. All post processing waste is recycled into other products, and nothing gets hauled to the landfill. Because the post processing happens in the factory, nearly zero waste is delivered to the job site, lowering your carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable future for us all.

ACHIEVE NET ZERO STANDARDS: With the entire world moving towards Net-Zero, material selection has become critical in the process to achieving performance targets. You can spend an infinite amount of money trying to offset an inefficient building, but its not a very sustainable solution. ICE Panels significantly reduce your energy input requirements making it easier and more economical to build to Net-Zero standards.

CARBON OFFSET PERIOD: ICE Panels reduce heating and cooling loads significantly. In some cases, by more than 70%. In extreme climate zones like Canada, this can mean a carbon offset period of less than 2-3 months, depending on the project. ICE Panels not only reduce the energy requirement for heating your building, they can also reduce the size of utility equipment needed.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Not every path to sustainability is inclusive. Consumers today will choose a sustainable option where available, provided it’s also economical to do so. ICE Panels offer sustainability for everyone by making it a simple and economical choice.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Greenstone has a strong research and development team that is continuously exploring new ways to make ICE Panels more efficient.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: ICE Panels are used to help achieve high performance building targets. They have been used to achieve Net-Zero and Net-Zero ready. In places like BC where step codes are already in place, many clients report that ICE Panels achieve a higher building envelope efficiency for a lower cost than any other methods available to date.