ICE Panel Install & Training


Once the project arrives on site, Greenstone works with the client to ensure the installation is a success.

If you are new to ICE Panel installation, our technical customer service rep will connect with you to schedule your virtual install training session. This usually happens over a Microsoft Teams video call, where our technical rep will review your connection details with you, go over the installation steps, and answer any questions you may have. In-person training can be provided as well at an additional charge.

ICE Panel installations require review and approval before the panels can be backfilled or drywalled.

To review the ICE Panel installation and provide written installation confirmation, installation photos must be provided to Greenstone for review. An on-site inspection by an authorized Greenstone representative may also be required. The completed installation photos will be reviewed by Greenstone and a confirmation letter will be provided to you for the project’s Structural Engineer of Record. An engineering letter cannot be provided without installation review by Greenstone, so before you cover your panels, be sure to follow the installation review process.

Once you have received engineering approval, your ICE Panel assembly is complete and your project is ready for completion.