Financial Freedom

With initial cost savings ranging from 5-10%*, give your project a competitive financial edge right from the start!

Building with ICE Panels is an upfront investment. Building with a new product may sound costly, but there are many ways you will save money, not only during the construction phase, but after — during the lifespan of the build.

R-VALUE: Conserving energy is the easiest way to lower your monthly bill. While old construction methods using 2×6 batt and poly worked for our ancient ancestors, a home built today should have lower utility costs than the mortgage payment. To compare the performance of different wall options, you’ll find that the ICE Panel starts, where the others end. If you’re going to build a comparable wall to the ICE Panel, you’ll quickly find that our cost per R-value is the lowest in the industry.

Exterior walls are the weakest link in a traditional building, by reducing the heat loss by 50-80% through your walls, ICE Panels offer the biggest saving for dollars spent on targeting energy efficiency.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Thermal bridging is responsible for a significant amount of heat loss through a traditionally built building envelope. ICE Panels are thermally broken. This effectively eliminates the majority of thermal bridging, providing a highly efficient building envelope, saving money on utilities each month.

AIRTIGHTNESS: ICE Panels contribute to a very airtight building envelope. This means the outside air stops at the outside of the wall. This prevents drafts from entering your home and negatively affecting the indoor air, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

MORE SQUARE FEET: Using ICE Panels to build your energy efficient home allows you to achieve higher thermal performance with a thinner wall. This means that for the same footprint, you end up with additional square footage in your home. It adds up quickly. More space equals higher resale value.

LESS WASTE: Reducing the amount of material sent to a landfill will reduce your construction costs, and will also reduce time spent on job-site cleanup. This benefit is often overlooked when calculating savings to your project on site.

LESS CONSTRUCTION HEATING: Hoarding and heating a project in cold climates is expensive. By choosing ICE Panels, your building envelope is delivered on-site pre-insulated and vapour tight, getting your building to operational heating capacity at a fraction of the price.

SHORTER BUILD TIMES: Building with ICE Panels guarantees faster close-in times, so whether its your family or a paying tenant moving in, 30 days advanced occupancy means 30 days of saved time and resources that can be allocated to other projects.

REBATES AND INCENTIVES: ICE Panels make a significant contribution in qualifying for new construction rebates and incentives. ICE Panels have been used to achieve Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code, where projects can qualify for up to $10,000 per unit. Working with an energy advisor, an accurate projection can be created to show exactly how much energy your building will conserve by using an ICE Panel building envelope.