Enhanced Well-Being

Support overall health & well-being by choosing an airtight, non-toxic building product.


We don’t realize we care about comfort until we’re uncomfortable. ICE Panels provide a structurally sound, air-tight building envelope that provides comfortable, healthy, and efficient living spaces.

SAFETY: ICE Panels are engineered and tested to perform based on strict code requirements and safety factors. They are only used in applications where they have proven to be a safe and effective solution. However, nothing beats real-world testing. When Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas in 2019, the ICE Panels held their own. While other buildings on Grand Bahama island were flattened, our project stayed in place, showing great strength and resilience, as it was designed to do.

COMFORT: ICE Panels contribute to an airtight building envelope, which means it will be draft-free and easy to keep at a comfortable temperature all year round, no matter what weather conditions you face.

HEALTH: Indoor air quality is more important than ever to the modern consumer. ICE Panels are built using materials that do not off-gas, do not contribute to, or support mould and mildew growth, and will not rot or decay, contributing to toxic indoor air quality.

NO OFF-GASSING: Many insulations use toxic gasses to create inflated R-values. These “new” R-value claims didn’t account for the years of off-gassing to follow, leaving you with a much lower R-value number. As a result, the industry has coined the term “Long Term R-Value” or LTR. Some types of foam insulation are created using a chemical reaction. The foam cells are filled with artificial gas which slowly escapes over time known as “off gassing”. Not only is it toxic, it’s also your R-value escaping from your insulation, reducing the efficiency of your walls. EPS is filled with atmospheric air right from the start, which ensures no toxic off gassing and your R-value will remain the same long term.

AIRTIGHT BUILDINGS: Leaky buildings contribute to drafts and discomfort for the occupants. This can lead to poor sleep and higher stress levels. When a building is sealed up tight and air exchanges are managed through controlled points of entry and exhaust, you are able to properly condition the air to the right temperature and humidity. This ensures even and consistent temperatures throughout your home, providing a comfortable and stress-free environment.

BETTER WALLS: Mould in exterior walls is a common problem in traditionally framed walls. Open cell insulations allow for convection to happen freely inside it, meaning it is an ideal place for humidity to condense into water as it travels through the wall cavity. With new buildings being built to tighter standards, this water doesn’t get a chance to dry out. This trapped moisture can lead to both mould issues and premature rotting of the wooden/organic components inside the walls. ICE Panels are manufactured using steel framing and a closed cell insulation called expanded polystyrene (EPS). Neither EPS or steel framing rot or decay, and neither support mould growth in high moisture environments. EPS naturally has the ability to wick out any moisture that condensates inside of it, making it one of the few insulations that actually drys itself when it gets wet. This means you get a longer lasting building with healthier indoor air quailty.