Engineered Quality

ICE Panels are manufactured for precision and consistency, making for easy and accurate construction.


Every ICE Panel project is reviewed by a certified structural engineer, providing a high level of quality assurance. From a custom REVIT 3D model to engineer sign-off, you can be assured your building is structurally sound from concept to completion.

ENGINEERED SIGN-OFF: Greenstone provides engineering services for the ICE Panel portion of your project. This includes a final installation review and project sign-off confirming that the ICE Panels were assembled and installed correctly and in accordance with the engineer’s specifications.

CONSISTENT CONSTRUCTION: A lot of lumber construction materials are being mass produced in order to keep up with demand. With a focus on quantity, quality can become questionable. A lot of twisted lumber is making its way to the job site. This can be time consuming for the builder to sort through, or it can mean a building is being built using sub-standard materials and over time, it will eventually show in the form of screw pops, drywall cracks, and other issues. As an engineered product, ICE Panels are manufactured for precision and consistency, making for easy and accurate construction.

PRECISION BUILDING: Greenstone creates a REVIT 3D model of every project, pre-fitting all intersecting geometry including components from other suppliers such as trusses, joists, beams, timbers, windows, and doors. In-house development of REVIT based modeling allows Greenstone to catch project errors long before any components are ever produced. This makes for extremely precise construction, where all components intersect accurately and follow the construction drawings as intended. This step frequently eliminates errors that could cost the customer thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs.

STRONG: ICE Panels are used in seismic and hurricane designated zones. ICE Panels are extremely lightweight and have a high elastic strength, making them perfect for this type of application. ICE Panels have been used successfully in both extremes, with a successful real-world demonstration in The Bahamas during hurricane Dorian in 2019.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Composites are known for being lightweight and strong. ICE Panels live up to that reputation. When replacing concrete with ICE Panels, buildings become significantly lighter. For example, replacing 3 storeys of concrete walls with ICE Panels in a multistorey building, creates a substantial reduction to the supporting foundation beneath the building. Generally, this provides major cost savings to the customer.