Attention to details is key


Drawings will be sent to collaboration & review to confirm accuracy/project scope.

Welcome to the Design phase of the Client Experience.

At this stage, your drafting project manager has completed your project’s ICE Panel design drawings and has forwarded them to you via email. Thoroughly review your drawings to ensure all your design criteria has been met.

Your drafting project manager will work with you to make any changes or additions to finalize the project drawings.

This is a key stage of the process as this is the last point of contact before your project goes into production. If there are any changes, concerns, or questions to bring up regarding your ICE Panel drawings now is the time to do it.

Clear communication is key to any project, so when necessary, your Greenstone team will need to connect with your Builder, Engineer of record, and supplier contacts for things like windows and doors, trusses and floor beams, and so on.

Once we receive final confirmation of the design drawings, the project is sent to production.