Accelerated Completion

Complete projects faster with simplified prefab construction that allows you to work smarter, not harder.

By combining time consuming construction steps into a simple, prefabricated solution, the ICE Panel allows for faster completion as well as precision accuracy. Build it faster, build it better with ICE Panels.

SIMPLIFIED CONSTRUCTION: ICE Panels combine framing, insulation, and vapour barrier into one installation process on-site, versus multiple steps and product layers required with traditional building methods. To achieve the same thermal performance and airtightness, traditional construction methods may take several weeks or even months longer to reach the same completion of scope. This shortened time frame equals savings in construction financing, and possibly extra revenue generated due to earlier occupancy.

FASTER CLOSE IN TIMES: ICE Panels expedite your project close in, taking it through vulnerable stages substantially faster. Taking a building out of the elements and controlling the environment on-site will have a positive impact on quality control. There’s also less of a chance of vulnerable materials freezing or being damaged due to cold weather if working through the winter season.

COORDINATION: Greenstone creates a REVIT 3D model of every project, pre-fitting all intersecting geometry including components from other suppliers such as trusses, joists, beams, timbers, windows, and doors. In-house development of REVIT based modeling allows Greenstone to catch project complications long before any components are ever produced. This makes for extremely precise construction, where all components intersect accurately and follow the construction drawings as intended. This step frequently eliminates errors that could cost the customer thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs.

WORK SMARTER: ICE Panels are a lightweight building product that can often be installed without the use of heavy machinery. This means your crew can work longer without burning out, and more senior members of the crew aren’t straining to lift heavy materials.

CLEAN JOBSITE: The post processing that happens in the factory, eliminates 99% of the waste from shipping to site. Rough openings are framed and angles are cut during manufacturing, reducing on-site modifications, therfore reducing on-site waste. This also results in less time spent cleaning the site and traveling to transfer sites, making your crew more productive during the work day.